UG Students

Day 01 full schedule

February 15, 2019


“A Surgeon's Journey: How I got my calling.”

Dr. John M Park

“Morbid Obesity- An incurable disease. Metabolic surgery is a solution but can fail”

Dr. Luc Lemmens

“Future of Endoscopic Surgery in Orthopaedic Surgery”

Dr. In Ho Jeon

“Artificial intelligence in Medicine”

Dr. Marc Kohli


“Medical implications of space travel”

Astronaut Brigadier General Charles Duke

“Journey from India to Australia-Canada-New Zealand and Middle East”

Dr. Kiran More

“Digitisation in Medicine”

Professor Friedrich Bootz

“Lifestyle Medicine: From Guidelines to Clinical Practice”

Dr. Stefania Ubaldi

“How are You? Tests”

Dr. Adrian Kennedy

Day 02 full schedule

February 16, 2019


“Thyroid diseases of childhood”

Dr. Margaret Zacharin

“Career options after Graduation”

Dr. Sudhir Bansod

“Current events and medical response”

Dr. Bonnie Arquilla


Beyond MBBS

Dr. Gautam Chakrabarty

“Lung Defences: How we protect ourselves from an ever-changing environment”

Dr.Sidney Braman

“40 years: A ‘Bug Doctor"

Dr.David Dance

“Speciality training in ENT and European Board Exams”

Prof.Dr.Med Manuel Bernal-Sprekelsen

“AIDS Paradox”

The Honourable Michael Kirby

“What does it take for a medical graduate from India to succeed in academic medicine?”

Dr.Ganesh Raghu