SIMNEO- Workshop on advance Neonatal SIMULATION

16th February, 2019

Objectives of workshop:

Simulation-based medical training (SBMT) is a powerful tool for continuing medical education that allows individuals to learn and practice real life clinical scenarios in an accurate, realistic, safe and secure environment with close interaction.

Neonatal intensive care simulation involves critical scenarios, resuscitation scenarios, procedural skills, teamwork and human factors training.  We are aiming to provide a feel of close to real life clinical scenarios encountered in NICU in a simulated environment created inside a state-of-the art SIMULATION lab with high fidelity manikins advance SIM software. All simulations will be video-recorded to allow mentees to learn from their own performance during simulation debriefing.

Learning will be focused on various aspects in the team such as close loops communication, clear leadership and role clarity, voicing concerns, sharing information within the team and regular re-evaluation. At the end of high intense training over the day the participants would be able to improve understanding, knowledge and confidence to effectively respond to any critical scenario while working as close team.

Who should attend:

- Paediatric Residents
- Neonatal Fellows/DM trainees
- Neonatologist, Medical directors of NICUs
- Practicing paediatricians involved in tertiary intensive care
- Tertiary NICU nurses and advance nurse practitioners

Course Fees :

Rs. 3000/- per participants


One day workshop


Participants will be provided with a course completion certificate by DY Patil University.

This Includes:

- Certificate of participation
- Breakfast, lunch & high tea
- Reading Material

Contact Us :

Medical Simulation Laboratory

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