Pulmonary Medicine


PulmoInspire a part of MEDINSPIRE International Conference is a great opportunity to get updated in the field of respiratory medicine, to meet the pioneers and experts in various areas of interest and to collaborate with other specialties for a multidisciplinary approach for the diagnosis and management of various diseases. This will cover all aspects in the field of Pulmonology including Various Updates, Recent Advances in Management of COPD & ILD, Lung Oncology, Radiological Aspects, Bronchoscopy, Thoracoscopy, Latest Guidelines and Protocols in TB Management, Mechanical Ventilation and Hands on Workshops.

This conference would provide a great platform where all the great minds will share their knowledge and would inspire the youngest generation of doctors the changing disease trends and unforeseen illnesses in pulmonology. We are delighted to welcome you all for the outstanding scientific and educational programme being organised from 15th to 16th February 2019 as a part of D.Y. Patil International Conference, The MEDINSPIRE.


International Speakers

National Speakers

Organising Faculty

Day 01 full schedule

February 15, 2019


Session I (OAD)

Chairperson : Dr R M Sundrani | Dr Abhay Uppe | Dr Potdar

Diaphragm in OAD

Dr Girija Nair

Asthma Phenotype

Dr Sanjeev Mehta

COPD:- Are we ready to offer personalised care

Dr Sidney Braman

Updates in COPD

Dr Ashok Mahashur

What has the Global burden of Disease taught us about Asthma and COPD in India?

Dr Sundeep Salvi

When to suspect ABPA

Dr Ramakant Dixit


Session II (ILD)

ILD in Indian Scenario:- Challenges and Solutions

Dr Ganesh Raghu

Pathology in ILD

Dr Chandralekha Tampi

Case study of HP

Dr Sheetu Singh

ILD pattern on HRCT

Dr Bhavin Jhankaria

CTD related ILD

Dr Ganesh Raghu

Panel Discussion on ILD

Moderator :- Dr Girija Nair

Dr Ganesh Raghu | Dr Agam Vora | Dr Salil Bendre | Dr Sheetu Singh | Dr Chandralekha Tampi

Lunch Break

Session III (TB)

Chairperson : Dr N T Awad | Dr Nikhil Sarangdhar

Newer treatment Protocols in TB & Bedaquilline

Dr Amita Athawale

Pleural TB: Myths and Facts

Dr Ramraje

Panel Discussion : Managing Tuberculosis

Moderator: Dr Abhay Uppe

Dr Ramraje | Dr N T Awad | Dr Amita Athawale | Dr Nikhil Sarangdhar

Session IV :Pneumonias

Cryptogenic organising Pneumonia

Dr Sidney Braman

VAP: Challenges In Managing

Dr Lavina M

Day 02 full schedule

February 16, 2019

Paper Presentation

Dr Sandhya Kulkarni

Session V : Critical Care, Oncology, Pulmonary Vasculature and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Chairperson – Dr Lavina M | Dr I Lobo

Antibiotic Strategies In ICU

Dr Amita Nene

Organ Cross Talk during Mechanical Ventilation

Dr K V Kamesh

Pulmonary Hypertension

Dr Sidney Braman

Pulmonary Embolism

Dr Surya Kant

Lung Oncology Diagnostics:Panel Discussion

Moderator – Dr Girija Nair | Dr I Lobo

Dr Sandhya Kulkarni | Dr Shishir Shetty | Dr Tejinder Singh | Dr Lokeshwar

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Dr Prabhudesai

Session VI: Interventional Pulmonology

Chairperson- Dr Lavina M | Dr I Lobo

Bronchoscopy in ICU

Dr Abhay Uppe

Cryobiopsies for IIP

Dr Prashant Chajjed

Lung Biopsy in ILD

Dr Nitin Abhyankar

EBUS TBNA , Standard Approach

Dr Preyash Vaidya


Session VII

Workshop on Advanved Interventional Pulmonology and Critical Care

Rs. 500/-

Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy

Dr Prashant Chajjed

Medical Thoracoscopy

Dr Nitin Abhyankar


Dr K V Kamesh

1) Conventinal TBNA & Bronchoscopy | 2) EBUS-TBNA | 3) Pediatric Bronchoscopy with Foreign Body Removal

Dr Umang Shah | Dr Shahid Patel

1) Medical Thoracoscopy | 2) Cryobiopsy | 3) Rigid Bronchoscopy with Airway Stenting

Dr Hafiz Deshmukh | Dr Jeenam Shah


Dr K V Kamesh | Dr Balaji T

Managing a Crashing Patient

Dr Aditya Agrawal

Ventilator Hands on demonstration

Dr Aditya Agrawal