The Department of Psychiatry, D Y Patil Hospital & School of Medicine, Navi Mumbai, has always endeavored to take proactive steps in enhancing the knowledge base of postgraduate students, as well as the entire psychiatric community, in its own humble way. We keenly organize various conferences, CMEs, Workshops and symposia for the postgraduate students as well as clinicians which become extraordinary due to the exemplary faculty list and the richness of the core content of the pertinent and relevant programs.

To take that venture forward, we look forward to actively participating in the multidisciplinary international conference MEDINPIRE conducted by D.Y. Patil University. We wish to bring to the postgraduate students and clinicians, cutting edge scientific knowledge and some of the best minds in Psychiatry.

Our theme for the event is Organicity and Psychiatry and the grey zone between the two specialties. We aim at conducting workshops and CMEs by eminent faculty that are the stalwarts and beacons of knowledge in the field of psychiatry as well as neurology. We eagerly look forward to have a prodigious colloquy blessed with the knowledge and experience of the astute faculty members.

International Speakers

National Speakers

Day 01 full schedule

February 15, 2019


Welcome and introduction

Dr. Sanjiv Kale

Case 1 & 2

Information processing model of schizophrenia

Dr. Naren Rao

Case 3 & 4

White matter tracts- The unknown part of brain

Dr. Ashish Atre

White matter tracts in psychiatric disorders

Dr. E. Mohandas


Case 5 & 6

Lewy body dementia and Parkinsonism

Dr. Joy Desai

Case 7 & 8

Delirium & Psychiatry

Dr. Sandeep Grover

Case 9 & 10

Questions & Answers

Vote of thanks

Dr. Chetan Vispute

Day 02 full schedule

February 16, 2019


Paper Presentations

Workshop on Addictions Including Internet Addictions

Dr. Ashwin Patkar | Dr. AvinashD’souza | Dr. Kersi Chawda

The Story of Cognitive Reserve

Dr. Chittaranjan Andrade

Alzheimer’s disease-past, present and future

Dr. P. T. Sivakumar

Vote of thanks

Dr. Chetan Vispute