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Day 01 full schedule

February 15, 2019

Registration and Breakfast

Practical Approach to DSD and diagnostic algorithms

Dr Sudha Rao

Contentious issues in the management of DSD

Dr. Ravikumar

Case Studies with Question & Answers

1. XX DSD | 2. XY DSD |3. Ovotesticular DSD |4. DSD with normal Phenotype |5. Abnormal hormonal milleau

Tea Break

Endocrine Aspects: Investigations and Interpretation of reports

Dr. Margaret Zacharin

Surgical management in a case of DSD

Feminizing Genitoplasty - Dr. Park | Masculinizing Genitoplasty - Dr. Agarwal | Laparoscopy in DSD - Dr. Mane & Dr. Ravi Kumar


Medical management of DSD

Dr. Margaret Zacharin

Novel techniques of vaginoplasty / Role of progenator cells

Dr Mhatre

Panel discussion

Dr. Margaret Zacharin | Dr. Sudha Rao | Dr. Pradnya Bendre | Dr. Bharati Kulkarni


Long term outcomes of DSD

Dr. Pradnya Bendre

Raising a child with DSD- Parents’ perspective

Day 02 full schedule

February 16, 2019

Interactive pediatric Urological video demonstration Procedures


Dr Park | Dr Agarwal | Dr Mhatre | Dr Mane | Dr Ravikumar | Dr Pradnya Bendre | Dr Bharati Kulkarni

1. Pyeloplasty

2. Ureteral duplication

3. Antireflux Surgery

4. Exstrophy Bladder repair

5. Hypospadias repair

6. Augmentation Bladder

7. Feminizing Genitoplasty

8. Masculinizing Genitoplasty

9. Vaginoplasty