This international summit is a one of its kind event where renowned National & International faculties in various sub-specialties of orthopedics will share their experience on one platform. Their collective experience will help you tremendously to make informed decisions for your patients in orthopedics specialties like hand, arthroscopy, spine and bone tumours.

 It will help to enhance your practice, skill, commitment and tenacity to diagnose and treat patients in equal measures. MEDINSPIRE is wonderful forum to refresh your knowledge base and explore new innovations in Orthopedics across the lifespan. It is an innovative forum to meet and interact with the leading thinkers, surgeons, researchers, sponsors and trade exhibitions not only in orthopedics, but also inother closely related medical fields.

This conference covers all aspects of orthopedics including complex trauma and spine arthroscopy, arthroplasty to name a few. So block your dates for this wonderful academic feast!


International Speakers

National Speakers

Day 01 full schedule

February 15, 2019



Posterolateral Spinal Decompression

Dr Arvind Goregaonkar

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome - Introspection after 25years of Spine Practice

Dr Ram Chaddha

Combining Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence - Making the Spine Surgery safer

Dr Agnivesh Tiku

Osteoporotic Fracture Vertebral Fracture and Non-Union.

Dr Arvind Goregaonkar

Surgery in Active Spinal Tuberculosis

Dr Ram Chaddha

Tea break

Caries Spine in Children - what is special about them.

Dr Saumyajit Basu

Management of Metastatic Spine disease

Dr Sanjay Dhar

Spondylolisthesis the spectrum of the problem and its solutions

Dr Saumyajit Basu

Free papers (8mins +2 mins’ discussion)

Halo vest in cervical spine disorders– A simple yet effective device

Dr Rohan Gala

Cage vs autologous bone grafting in PLIF surgery for spine fusion-randomized control trial

Dr Mainak Gupta

Functional outcome of posterior cervical microforaminotomy and discectomy using McCulloch retractors for cervical radiculopathy

Dr Chetan Kumawat



Modern concepts of teamwork in the OR and creating a safer environment for the patient.

Dr David Nelson

Minimal Invasive Total Hip replacement and fast track rehabilitation

Dr Norbert Lindner

Complex THA

Dr Shiv Kumar Santapure

Knee Arthroplasty: GIRFT (getting it Right first time)

Dr Gautam Chakrabarty

Kinematic versus anatomical total knee Replacement

Dr. Norbert Lindner

The Unhappy Knee replacement

Dr Gautam Chakrabarty

Management of bone defects in TKA

Dr Gautam Chakrabarty

Tea break

Free papers

Assessment of the utility of Scanograms in primary total knee arthroplasty

Dr Adnan Asif

Efficacy of local infiltration Vs epidural analgesia in total knee replacement

Dr Melanie Gomes

To study the accuracy of achieving correction of varus deformity at knee by medial opening wedge osteotomy using modular HTO fixator in treating predominantly medial compartment osteoarthritis of knee

Dr Kamparsh Thakur


How to Make Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Dr David Nelson

WhatsAppening- Streamline your WhatsApp

Dr Neeraj Bijlani

Maintaining patient records

Dr Mangal Parihar

Cloud Storage Apps with a Silver lining

Dr Neeraj Bijlani

Training the Trainer

Dr Gautam Chakraborty


Day 02 full schedule

February 16, 2019

Pain Management in Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr David Nelson

Surgical site Infections

Dr Gautam Chakrabarty

Hand & Wrist

PIP fracture dislocations

Dr Pankaj Ahire

Metacarpal Fractures

Dr Hemant Patankar

Fracture Scaphoid

Dr Sudhir Warrier

Distal radius fractures

Dr David Nelson

Traumatic TFCC Tears

Dr Pankaj Ahire

Tea break

Musculoskeletal Tumours

Diagnosis and work up of a suspected bone neoplasm

Dr Ajay Puri

Managing benign bone tumours

Dr Ashish Gulia

Limb salvage in malignant bone tumours

Dr Ajay Puri

Principles of treating metastatic bone disease

Dr Ashish Gulia

Limb salvage in bone and soft tissue sarcomas with mega prostheses and autogenous tissue

Dr Norbert Lindner

Free Paper (8+2)

Results of modular Mega prosthetic reconstruction of Tumours involving the distal third femur-A case series

Dr Rajiv Kaul


Shoulder & Elbow

Arthroscopic superior capsular reconstruction: Asan Experience on 60 Cases

Dr In Ho Jeon

Bone loss in instability surgery - Role of Latarjet surgery

Dr Sanjay Garude

Innovative Research Works on Shoulder Elbow Surgery in Asan From Scope to Operating Theatre

Dr. InHo Jeon

Proximal Humeral fractures

Dr Sanjay Desai

AC dislocation and CC Dislocation

Dr Aashay Kekatpure

Revision total elbow replacement: Infected versus noninfected

Dr In Ho Jeon

Tea Break


Tibial Condyle Fractures

Dr Prasad Chaudhari

Tibio-Fibular Syndesmosis

Dr Sunil Shetty

Free Papers (8+2mins)

Influence of meniscal repair versus meniscectomy on ACL reconstruction in terms of knee stability and radiological imaging

Dr Varun Agarwal

Treatment of complex proximal tibia fractures using Ilizarov technique

Dr Ajit Chalak

By-passing the perfect circle method of femoral distal interlocking Screw Insertion (DISI) in Interlocking nailing – a technical note and retrospective study

Dr Devesh Bulaksaria

Three stitch technique for humerus nailing

Dr Ibad Patel

Butala technique: poglyglactic-acid suture repair of comminuted patella fracture

Dr Rajendra Butala

Diaphyseal fractures of the clavicle in adults, comparative study of LCP (Locking Compression Plate) versus intramedullary nailing with TENS (Titanium Elastic Nailing System)

Dr Arun HS

A two year follow up study of operative results of fractures of acetabulum

Dr Arpit Rajpurohit


Day 03 full schedule

February 17, 2019

Free Papers (8mins+2mins)

Comparison of dynamic hip screw and proximal femoral nail in the treatment of intertrochanteric fracture of femur

Dr Devendra Kommuru

A prospective comparative study of outcomes of medial malleolar fractures

Dr Shouryashil V Khambalkar

Clinical outcome in metaphyseal locking plate fixation of distal femur and proximal tibia

Dr Bhushan Kumar Pawar

Relative regenerate strength

Dr Soham Chaudhary

Band Wiring – Is it an outdated technique?

Dr Chirag Manwani

Comparative study of platelet rich plasma (PRP) Vs Corticosteroids for the treatment of chronic lateral epicondylitis

Dr Abdul Malik Nagori

Management of fractures of distal third tibia by interlock nailing

Dr Amit Chugh

Blood loss in total knee arthroplasty with and without tourniquet

Dr Atul Jain

Comparing of treatment outcomes of intraarticular fracture of calcaneum with steinmannpin

Dr Suraj Sharma

Management of distal tibia fracture with minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis

Dr Annirudha Kumar Singh

A Comparative study on the outcome of management of open tibia fractures with versus without topical administration of gentamicin

Dr Abhimanyu Singh

Plating for intra-articular calcaneal fractures…. Is it an overkill?

Dr. Vaibhav Koli

Conservative management of lumbar canal stenosis compared to operative decompression

Dr Shivam Pandey

Tea Break

11.15 am - 11.30 am

Medicolegal aspects in Orthopaedics

Dr Prakash Samant

Soft Skills in Hard times

Dr Ram Chaddha

"Beyond MBBS"

Dr Gautam Chakraborty

Life outside OR

David Nelson

Valedictory Function