The International conference aims in promoting Evidence Based Practice (EBP) in the field of Nursing and motivate participants to initiate and implement EBP in their nursing activities. It will be a great platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge from the experts in the field and initiate Evidence Based Nursing in Nursing Profession.

Objectives for Evidence Based Practice International Conference

1. During this conference the participants will acquire Knowledge on Evidence Based Practice/ Nursing with regard to:

a. Historical background of EBP.
b.Types of EBP and Evidence Hierarchy.
c.Models and theories of EBP.
d.Barriers and utilization of EBP.
e.Implications of EBP for Nursing Practice, Education and Administration.
f. Qualitative research and its utilization.


2. Through group work, participants will :

a.Identify practical problems from clinical practice.
b.Identify solutions for practical problems based on implementation of Evidence Based Nursing.

International Speakers

National Speakers

Day 01 full schedule

February 14, 2019

Lighting of the Lamp and Key Note Address

Introduction to Theme

Dr.Swati.V. Kambli

Qualitative research and its utilization

Dr. Suresh Sharma

EBP and Historical Background

Mrs. Mankumari Mistry

Types of EBP and Evidence Hierarchy

Dr.Mrs. Phalakshi Manjrekar

Lunch break

Models and theories of EBP

Dr.Vissandjee Bilkis

Paper Presentation

Mrs.Aswathy Aby | Mrs. Shalini Abraham | Mrs. Nisha Mane

Paper Presentation

Mrs. Ann Maria Thomas | Mrs. Alwin Lisa Mathews | Mrs. Anju Thampi

Research utilization versus EBP

Dr. Selva Titus

EBP Scenario: In Other countries

Dr.Vissandjee Bilkis

Panel Discussion On Preparation of Learners and Bedside Nurses

Dr. Ratna Prakash (Chairperson)

Dr. Mrs. Usha Ukandhe | Dr. Dr.S.Madhavi | Dr.(Mrs) Mary Mathews | Dr. Meena Ganapathy | Dr. Selva Titus

Group Work Introduction

Dr.Swati.V. Kambli | Mrs. Mankumari Mistry | Mrs. Priyadarsini John

Day 02 full schedule

February 15, 2019

Clinical Practice guidelines in EBP

Mrs. Aswathy Aby

Paper Presentation

Mrs. Sunitha Chacko | Mrs. Swati Chavan | Mrs. Juna Joshua

Paper Presentation

Ms. Pooja Murkar | Mrs. Anisha Mohan | Mrs. Vishaka Bhosle

EBP and Nursing Education

Dr. (Mrs) Vaishail Mohite

EBP and Nursing Administration

Bri. Sai Bala.M

Lunch break

Paper Presentation

Mrs. Vaishali Jadhav | Mrs. Gargee Karadkar | Mrs. Manisha Pawar | Mrs. Nutan Podar | Ms. Priya Bardeskar

Group Work Presentation

Dr.Swati.V. Kambli | Mrs. Mankumari Mistry | Mrs. Priyadarsini John

Paper Presentation

Mr. Indrajeet Jadhav | Ms. Poonam Jadhav | Ms. Sufiya Inamdar | Mrs. Supriya Shindhe | Ms. Preeti Patil | Mr.Suhel Ismail Mujawar

Group Work Presentation

Dr.Swati.V. Kambli | Mrs. Mankumari Mistry | Mrs. Priyadarsini John

Mrs. Sonali Banerjee | Mrs. Bijayalakshmi Devi | Ms. Vishnu Priya P | Mrs. Ashwini Shindhe | Mrs. Jays George

Day 03 full schedule

February 16, 2019

Implementation Of EBP

Dr. Suresh Ray

Paper Presentation

Mrs. Sigymol John | Ms. Priyanka Gurav | Mrs.Manda Phuke

Panel Discussion on EBP and Qualitative Research

Dr. Mrs. Meera Achrekar | Dr. Dr.Vaishali Mohite | Bri. Sai Bala | Mrs. Aswathy L. Aby | Mrs. Shalini Abraham | Dr. Suresh Ray

Dr. Nancy Fernandes (Chairperson)


Lunch break

Paper Presentation

Mrs. Kalpana Kamble | Mrs Anagha Katti | Mrs. Diwa Rijal

Barriers of EBP

Mrs. Priyadarsini John

Valedictory Function