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Day 01 full schedule

February 14, 2019



Introduction of the theme & topics

Dr. Rita Swaminathan

Global challenges & solutions in Antimicrobial Stewardship

Dr. Dilip Nathani

Blood stream infections and antimicrobials used for treatment

Dr. Apurba Shastry

Antimicrobials in Anaerobic infections

Dr. Jyoti Nagmoti

Lunch Break

Infection Prevention for Control of Anti- Microbial Resistance

Dr. Abhay Chowdhary

Genotypic & Phentypic antimicrobial resistance in infectious diseases

Dr. Suresh K

Indian medicinal plants as antimicrobials

Dr. Narayana Kamath

Antimicobial resistance in Tuberculosis

Dr. Jansehwara

Day 02 full schedule

February 15, 2019

Diabetic foot infections and Antimicrobials used in superspecialty tertiary care and Reference centres

Hospital infection control and Hospital hygiene a systematic approach

Dr. Gita Nataraj

Impementation workshop on surgical Antimicobial Prophylaxis & Stewardship

Dr. Dilip Nathani

Lunch Break

Device associated infections workshop

Dr. Dhruv Mamtora

Health Care innovations & Models ,their development & Implementation in UK

This topic may allow to identify common grounds for potential collaboration with our university.

Dr. Dilip Nathani

Certificate Distribution