D Y Patil University, established in 2002, is focused on making a better India through the power of knowledge. Our president, Dr Vijay D. Patil believes in the strength of knowledge & its ability to shape a brighter future for our nation. He understands & encourages its role in the field of healthcare.
In accordance with his vision, D Y Patil University has taken an initiative to create a global platform for dialogue on innovations in current medical practices whilst acting as a catalyst to the next paradigm shift in medical practices - MEDINSPIRE.
MEDINSPIRE is an international multidisciplinary medical summit to be hosted on 14th - 17th February 2019, to understand the dynamic field of medicine and its convergent, rapidly developing technologies and ideologies and their potential in advancing healthcare. It is a platform for medical professionals across the globe to assimilate diverse concepts through a blanket-approach summit that can potentially transform the healthcare landscape globally.
MEDINSPIRE seeks to stimulate an exchange of knowledge with the best-in-class international speakers and global stalwarts whilst providing evidence-based learning through a variety of methods like simulation workshops at Asia’s first simulation-based medical training facility and hands-on training workshops to name a few. The distinguishing factor of this summit lies in its multidisciplinary nature, its vast variety of learning opportunities under the proficient guidance and the one-of-a-kind expansive 72-acre medical industry interaction spread.
MEDINSPIRE aims to empower, embolden & encourage medical professionals to transform the global healthcare landscape.