Healthcare Management


With the concept of healthcare going beyond the realm of hospitals, this sector is witnessing a transformational change & paradigm shift in the growth owing to tremendous expenditure & coverage by both public & private players.

The Healthcare Management in MEDINSPIRE is an opportunity to learn & interact with the leaders who govern this $280 billion industry in the country. It’s a complete basket for any healthcare professional encompassing topics focusing on super specialty business , Quality, Manpower retention, Financial planning, Medico-Legal, Operational Excellences, etc.

We are hosting some unique competitions on Business model, Medical Legal case studies, Organ donations, & Inter college debate. We welcome you to this knowledge hub of the three days – 14th, 15th & 16th February 2019.

National Speakers

Organising Faculty

Day 01 full schedule

February 14, 2019

Registration, Tea & Coffee

VP HR - Suasth Healthcare "Manpower Planning in New Hospital"

Dr. Neeraj Kumar

Intercollegiate Debate (Round 1)

Associate VP - Wockhardt Hospitals "Healthcare Quality: Cost Centre or Profit Centre"

Dr. Parag Rindani

COO - HCG Apex Cancer Centre "The Business of Oncology in India - Past, Present & Future"

Mr Rahul Bajpai

Lunch Break

Chairman & Managing Director - Thyrocare "Disruptions in Healthcare"

Dr. Arokiaswamy Velumani

Business Model Presentations

Day 02 full schedule

February 15, 2019

Tea & Coffee

Intercollegiate Debate (Round 2)

Oral Presentation

COO - Nanavati Hospitals "Operational Excellence Strategy in Hospitals"

Dr. Rajendra Patankar

VP HR - Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital "Motivating Hospital Employees"

Dr. Neil Sequeira

Lunch Break

CEO - P.D. Hinduja Hospital "Business Excellence of Standalone Single/Super specialty Hospitals"

Mr. Gautam Khanna

Deputy Director - Legal & Medical, P.D. Hinduja Hospital "Common Medico Legal issues in Clinical Practice"

Dr. Suganthi Iyer

MedicoLegal Case Study Presentations

Day 03 full schedule

February 16, 2019

Tea & Coffee

Intercollegiate Debate (Round 3)

COO - P.D. Hinduja Hospital "Success Mantras for Healthcare Entrepreneurship"

Mr. Joy Chakraborty

01 Minute Video: Awareness of Organ Donation

Chief Strategy - Valiance Health "Financial Planning for Sustainable Healthcare Services"

Mr. Abhishek Singh

01 Minute Video: Awareness of Organ Donation

Facility Director - SRCC Narayana Health,Worli "Establishing a Pediactric Centre of Excellence"

Mr. Rupesh Chaubey

Lunch Break

Intercollegiate Debate Debate (Semifinals)

COO - Sterling Accuris Diagnostics "Healthcare Manpower Retention Challenges & Strategies"

Dr. Ankush Gupta

Intercollegiate Debate (Finals)