Dietetics & Nutrition

Organising Faculty

Day 01 full schedule

February 15, 2019

Session 1: Pre conference satellite symposia

When and how to assess nutritional adequacy in hospitalized patients – Aims, Objective and Method

Dr. Sanjeeth Shashidharan

Role of dietician in Nutrition focused monitoring of hospitalized patients

Dr. Radha Reddy

Body Composition Analysis

Dr. Matthias Pirlich

How to launch Nutrition support team from eminence to evidence based Nutrition

Dr. Andre Vangossum

Tea / Coffee Break & Networking

Overcome Challenges and barriers while following the guidelines and recommendations in an Indian set up to optimize nutrition support in hospitalized patient

Dr. Bhuvneshwari Shankar

Nutritional Management in Sepsis

Mr. Shivshankar T.

Resolving problems and clinical priorities while feeding the complex critically ill ICU Patient

Dr. Khusrav Bajan


Session 2: Symposia on Obesity

Evolving policies and their implications regarding obesity as a disease

Dr. Jayshree Todkar

Does it matter a lot the energy and nutrient timing for weight control

Ms. Datta Patel

Factors influencing Obesity and Is it worth to start off with pharmacotherapy in management of obesity

Dr. Sanjay Khare

Coffee Break

Nutrition, Inflammation and Obesity

Dr. Jagmeet Madan

Current trends in Bariatric Nutrition: Risks Vs. Benefits

Ms. Carolyne Remedios

Case Presentation Obesity & Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Ashwin Dabhi

Day 02 full schedule

February 16, 2019

Session III – Organ Specific Nutritional Intervention

Nutrition based therapy in Neurological diseases

Ms. Sreemathy Venkatraman

Case Presentation: Nutritional Intervention in GullianBarreSyndrom

Ms. Aarti Nair

Case Presentation and Discussion: Nutritional Intervention, challenges and solutions in Chylothorax post operated congenital heart disease

Ms. Safal Mahadik

Case Presentation & Discussion – Nutritional Care in Glut 1 Deficiency disorder

Ms. Bhakti Tulaskar

Coffee Break

Nutrition support in Chronic Liver Disease

Dr. Matthias Pirlich

Nutrition support in Liver transplant& Case Presentation

Ms. Rasika Parab

Compromised gut and challenges in managing patients with intestinal failure

Dr. Adarsh Chaudhary

Case Presentation – Nutrition support in patient with Intestinal Failure-ESPEN guidelines

Dr. Andre Vangossum

Lunch Break

Session IV – Critical Care –Enteral & Parenteral

New Definition of Malnutrition

Dr. Andre Vangossum

Evidence and impact of Early V/s delayed feeding: Emerging Role of timings in Nutrition

Dr. Ashwin Dabhi

Volume management and inflammation management in critically ill

Dr. Ravinder Reddy

Coffee Break and networking

Treat to target approach of Enteral Nutrition in hospitalized patients

Dr. Matthias Pirlich

Parenteral Nutrition in ICU: How to outsmart day to day hospital barrier without overshooting caloric goals

Dr. Andre Vangossum

NPL (Nutrition Premiere league):EnteralVs Parenteral Nutrition in ICU : from eminence to evidence

Day 03 full schedule

February 17, 2019

Session V - Miscellaneous

Insights on drug nutrient interactions

Ms. Purabi Mahajan

ONS – The hidden things you need to know

Ms. Priti Arolkar

Common mistakes we ignore while delivering Renal Nutrition

Ms. Zumurrud Patel

Carbohydrate Counting for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Ms. Shilpa Joshi

Tea Break and networking

ESPEN guidelines – Nutrition in Cancer

Dr. Andre Vangossum

Sarcopenia in elderly patients

Dr. Matthias Pirlich

Sarcopenia - How is it relevant to surgical patients ?

Dr. Adarsh Chaudhary

Changing Nutrition trends and the impact on degenerative diseases

Dr. Shweta Rastogi

ESPEN – Journey beyond success and glory

Dr. Andre Vangossum

Valedictory / Vote of Thanks