Basic Skills Workshop

13th February, 2019


This workshop is designed to provide a wide variety of healthcare professionals skill enhancement-training on Surgical Suturing Techniques and Pre-Vaginal Examination using highly sophisticated world-class Simulators etc.

Eligible Participants :

Any medical graduate (MBBS,BAMS,BHMS,BDS,BPT and above), nursing candidates.

Program Outline:

  1-Pelvic Examination

Participants will have hands on training on PV examination using simulator which provides learners and instructors with immediate feedback on how accurately a pelvic exam is being performed, increasing both the level of skill and confidence. The touch-sensitive technology provides immediate feedback to the learner.

 2- Intubation Technique

Participants will have hands on training on Airway Management using simulator which provides learners anatomically correct internal features and visually accurate landmarks in airway and nasal passage.

3- IV Technique

Participants will have hands on training on IV access to teach venipuncture techniques. A realistic flashback will be observed when the needle has been accurately inserted in to the vein.

4- Suturing Techniques

Participants will have hands on training on various kinds of Suturing Technique which provide a lifelike suturing experience for

5- Urine Catheterization

Participants will have hands on training on urine catheterization ( male and female) which allows demonstration and practice in urinary catheterization without embarrassment or discomfort to the patient or the students. A lubricated catheter can be inserted in the urethral orifice, passed through the urethra, and into the bladder. When the bladder is successfully entered, artificial urine (water) will flow from the catheter.

Course Fees :

Rs.2500/- per participant


Participants will be provided with Basic Skill Training in Intubation Technique, IV Technique, Surgical Techniques, Surgical Suturing Techniques and Urine Catheterization.

This includes:

- Study Kit ( Reading Material, Note pad )

- Certificates of respective participations

- Lunch and High tea

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