Anesthesia & Pain Management


Anesthesiology as a specialty is the backbone of any healthcare facility. The skills of an Anesthesiologist find tremendous application across all clinical departments. This ever evolving branch of medicine has not only revolutionized the practice of every surgical branch but also played vital role in medical ranches dealing with acute and critical illnesses.

The Anesthesiologist of today has super specialized into various sub-specialties which demand full time commitment and transition in skill set to assume the new roles. Therefore specific learning and change in mindset becomes essential. With this event, we aim to present an academic feast with some of the best faculty in the world spread across 9 different super specialties of anesthesiology namely Pain Management, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Obstetric Anesthesia, Pediatric Anesthesia, Palliative Care, Cardiac Anesthesia, Transplant Anesthesia & Neuro anesthesia. We hope that this would benefit not only the practicing anesthesiologist to sharpen his skills in the specialty of his choice but also the young budding post graduate anesthesiologist looking for future career avenues and possibilities.


International Speakers

National Speakers

Organising Faculty

Day 01 full schedule

February 14, 2019

Workshop: BLS/ACLS


Workshop: BLS/ACLS continued

Inauguration of Conference

Workshop: Research Methodology in Anaesthesiology (IJA-ISA Module)

Day 02 full schedule

February 15, 2019

Adult Airway: Tips & Tricks

Dr. Ellen O'Sullivan

Unanticipated Difficult Airway management in the Adult

Dr. Sheila Nainan Myatra

Pediatric Airway: Current Concepts

Dr. Jeson Doctor

Airway management in the Obese

Dr. Apeksh Patwa

The Physiologically Difficult Airway

Dr. J V Divatia

Extubation of the Difficult Airway

Dr. Rakesh Garg

Session Two: Regional Anaesthesia Lectures

Chairpersons: Dr. Kalpana Kulkarni | Dr. R L Gogna | Dr. Milind Pol

Why Cadaveric workshops are important for regional Anaesthesia

Dr. Sandeep Diwan

Pediatric Regional Anaesthesia: A practical approach

Dr. S Ramesh

Low volume Brachial Plexus Block: Has it affected efficacy and complications?

Dr. Satish Kulkarni

Regional Nerve blocks in Hip & knee Surgery: Fast tracking

Dr. Deepa Kane

Newer Concepts in Truncal Blocks

Dr. Sandeep Diwan

Regional Anaesthesia: Are we doing Enough

Panel Moderator - Dr. Sandeep Diwan

Panelists - Dr. S Ramesh | Dr. Satish Kulkarni | Dr. Deepa Kane

Lunch Break

Session Three: Problem Based Learning

Chairpersons: Dr. Miller | Dr. Gehdoo | Dr. Sunil Katkade

Perioperative management of patient with anterior Mediastenal Mass

Dr.Indrani Hemant Kumar

Patient for Lap Cholecystectomy with history of recent MI- How I Do It

Dr.Hemant Shinde

Opioid free Post operative Analgesia

Dr.Naveen Malhotra

Laughing Doses

Dr. Ganesh Chaudhary

Session Four: Paediatric Anesthesia session

Chairpersons: Dr.Hemlata Iyer | Dr. Archana Mhatre | Dr.Nandini Dave

Perioperative fluid management in neonates and children

Dr.Anila Malde

Pain management in Paediatric Patient

Dr. Pradnya Sawant

Panel: Anaesthesia and Neurodevelopment in Children : Myth/Reallity

Panelists - Dr.Hemlata Iyer | Dr Jagtap | Dr Nayana Amin | Dr Nandini Dave | Dr.Tavri.

Moderator -Dr.Pradnya Sawant

Trade Exhibition Tour

Cultural Program (No Dinner)

Difficult Airway Workshop

Dr. Sheila Nainan Myatra (AIDAA) & Team

USG Guided Acute Pain Workshop

Dr. Sandeep Diwan (AORA) & Team

Day 03 full schedule

February 16, 2019


Cardiac Anaesthesia

Dr. Deepak Tempe

Obstetric Anaesthesia

Dr. Sunanda Gupta

Pain Medicine Speciality

Dr. RP Gehdoo

Emergency Medicine

Dr. Deepak Malviya

Palliative Care

Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar

Critical Care Medicine

Dr. JV Divatia

Pediatric Anaesthesia

Dr. Nandini Dave

Anaesthesiology with special Interest in Airway:My Experience

Dr. Ellen O'Sullivan


Dr. Gopinath Shenoy

Relevance of Palliative care in Anaesthesia & Pain Practice

Dr. M R Rajgopal

Neuropathic Pain: An enigma, should not be a stigma

Dr. Claudia Sommers

Neuromodulation: The magic

Dr. Nick Christellis

Session Five: Spine and Pain Medicine

Chairpersons: Dr. Y Nankar | Dr. Deepak Thapa | Dr.Anurag Agarwal | Dr.Pankaj Surange

Neuromodulation: The present and future in India

Dr. P Vijay Anand

Why we cannot follow the evidence in Pain Management

Dr. Muralidhar Joshi

Assessment of Neuropathic pain- Challenges and opportunities

Dr. Claudia Sommer

Lunch Break

Session Six: Cardiac Anaesthesia

Chairpersons: Dr. Vasumati Divekar | Dr. Indrani Hemant Kumar | Dr. Shubha Mohite

Management of Patient with Pacemaker coming for NCS

Dr. Mukul Kapoor

TEE- Uses and Benefits for Non Cardiac Anaesthesiologist

Dr. Rajesh Arya

Management of Patient with Mitral Valve Disease coming for NCS

Dr. Deepak Tempe

LSCS with Heart Disease

Dr. Narendra Garach

Intraoperative Cardiac Arrhythmias: Recognition & Management

Dr. Nandita Mehta

Meet the Stalwarts

Dr. R D Miller | Dr. Ellen O’ Sullivan | Dr. Claudia Sommer

Session Seven: Obstetric Anaesthesia

Chairpersons: Dr. Bande | Dr.Manisha Katiker | Dr.Rajendra Patil

Parturient with Thrombocytopenia

Dr. Sunanda Gupta

Obstetric GA a dying art in the UK

Dr. Ellen O Sullivan

Changing concepts of Obstetric Anesthesia

Dr. Manju Sinha

Why teams matter!

Dr. Ketan Parekh

Labor Analgesia - The Winning Edge

Dr. Shilpa Kasodekar

Awareness in Labor Analgesia

Dr. Yogen Bhatt

AURA (Celebrity Night with Banquet – Separate registration)

USG Guided Chronic Pain Workshop

Fluoro Guided Chronic Pain Workshop

Day 04 full schedule

February 17, 2019

Session Eight: Recent Advances

Chairpersons: Dr. Pratibha Kane | Dr. Sandhya Gujjar | Dr. Pallavi Butiyani

Recent in Anaesthesia Machines

Dr.Vandana Laheri

Recent Advances in Ventilator on Anaesthesia Machine

Dr.Anila Malde

Enhance Recovery after Anaesthesia

Dr. Pushpa Agrawal

Use of Proseal LMA in off pump CABG: My Experience

Dr. Kalpana Shah

Anaesthesia for HIPEC Surgery

Dr. Sohan Solanki

Anaesthesia for Robot assisted Surgeries

Dr. Tasneem Dhansura

Session Nine: Neuro Anaesthesia

Chairpersons: Dr.Ajit Kumar | Dr. Ullhas Misal | Dr. Amol Singam

Anaesthesia for Paediatric Patient For Neuroradiological Procedure

Dr. Pinakin


Dr.Manisha Katiker

Session Ten: Transplant Anaesthesia

Chairpersons: Dr. Kumud Chaudhary

Organ Donation for Transplant-Challenges and pitfalls in dealing with brain dead for organ donation

Dr.Vijay Shetty

First Uterine Transplant in India

Dr Joyshankar Jana

HOT Session

Chairpersons: Dr. LT COL K R Sivashankar

Pros-Cons Is Blood Transfusion necessary in anaemic patients for elective Surgery

Pro- Dr.Nilesh Nafade | Con- Dr. Gehdoo

Panel Corporate Vs Free Lance Practice

Moderator - Dr. Shakil Momin | Panelists - Dr. Hemant Shinde |Dr. Satish Kulkarni | Dr. Sunil Katkade | Dr. Ashok Deshpande

Lunch Break

Free Paper in Main Hall

Judges: Dr. JV Divatia | Dr. Indrani Hemantkumar

Poster Presentation in Poster Area Judge: Dr. Gwalani | Dr. PN Jain

Surprise Session


Live Chronic Pain Workshop

Medinspire Quiz

Judges : Dr. RP Gehdoo | Dr. Deepak Malviya

Quizmasters: Dr. Rochana Bakshi | Dr. Roshni | Dr. Sonal

Labour Analgesia Workshop